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Novamont SPA

Location : / Italy
Website : www.novamont.com

Novamont SPA (Novamont, Italy);

Scientific responsible: Sebastia Gesti - sebastia.gesti@novamont.com

NOVAMONT S.p.A. (formerly named FERTEC) is an industrial Company created within the Montedison Group as a R&D Company with the aim to develop new balances between chemistry and environment using agricultural products. The core business activity of Novamont is placed in the field of biodegradable thermoplastic materials, commercialised world wide with the trademark “Mater-Bi”, and successfully employed using converting technologies such as: film blowing, extrusion, injection moulding, thermoforming. Novamont owns analytical facilities, polymer processing facilities, and productive plant located in Terni (Italy). NOVAMONT has expertises in material science, process engineering, modelling and integrated approach, and technology transfer.


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