NEWS - EcoBioCAP is looking for a partner

EcoBioCAP project is looking for a partner to participate in Demonstration activities.

A new beneficiary will be recruited with the objective to collaborate to WP1 (integrated analysis of specification) and WP6 (industrial applicability) of EcoBioCAP project.

This new beneficiary will be chosen when the project is running.

The criteria of selection are the following:

The company must be a (ready to eat and/or fresh) food european industry/retailer (no matter the size, SME or not), interested in trialing novel biodegradable (and compostable) packaging.

Summary of tasks: the company should be interested to be involved in:

1)     Discussing the ready to eat fresh food to be packed with a biodegradable packaging, based on the specifications of the packaging: fresh fruits and vegetables based foods or other ready to eat and fresh food. The selected targeted food for the time being are : fresh strawberry, fresh mushroom, soft cheese and ready to eat sandwich.

2)     Packing a selection of ready to eat food (10 -50kg) using the novel biodegradable packaging (trays and films) supplied by the project partners and also with usual packaging as a benchmark and then, sending part of packed food to project partners for quality/performance analysis  (last year of the project, from 2013 until 2015 )

3)     Keeping other part (in usual conditions in terms of temperature etc) and compare its performance with conventional packaging. Providing feedback on the performance of the novel packaging and participate to discussion with a end-user point of view (last year of the project 2015).

Expected recruitement date: as soon as possible

Expected participation in project: until the end date of the project

Estimated staff effort: 3-5 person-months.

Estimated total cost: € 40-50000 (supported by EU funding of 75 - 50%)

Total Commission funding available: € 25 000


Web site of the project :

Contact : Bénédicte Ferreira : INRA Transfert 2 place Pierre Viala, bât.1 34060 Montpellier – France Tel   : +33 (0)4 99 61 27 86 Mobile: +33 (0)6 47 57 52 06

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